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Business Listings & Profiles

Applicable to these pages : eat local, shop local, experience and local services.

Tier 1

Business Listing
  • Basic Contact Details
  • Included on Category Page
  • Image & Description
  • Links to Profile or Website

Tier 2

Enhanced Listing & Profile
$ 75 Per Year
  • All Tier 1 Features
  • Image & Short Description
  • Facebook & Website Link
  • Basic Business Profile Page
  • Advanced Business Profile Page

Tier 3

Enhanced Listing, Profile & Presence
$ 175 Per Year
  • All Tier 2 Features
  • Enhanced Business Profile Page
  • SEO Enhancements
  • Featured Ad
Blog Posts
Blog Post Screenshot



Post Types:

  • Group Purchase – ‘Five places to eat in New Philadelphia’
  • Individual Purchase – ‘Five *SomethingRelevant* at *YourBusiness*’
  • Content Sponsor – ‘Five Tuscora Park Activities’ (sponsored by Ernies Bikes)


  • Links to website and social media
  • Hand crafted article written by NP Guide
  • SEO optimized
  • 30 minutes of photography to be used in article and shares
  • Social media sponsored post to blog page (FB & Insta)
  • 1 Social post per blog point (up to 6)
  • Links to relevant coupons
Featured Ads
Featured ad screenshot


  • $50/month/location

Available Locations:

  • Shop Local page
  • Eat Local page
  • Experience Page
  • Local Services
  • Blog page
  • Events Page
  • Podcasts Page


  • Two custom button links
  • Paragraph description
  • Large Image
  • Prominent page location
Deals & Coupons

Featured Coupon

$ 150 Per Three Month Commitment
  • Prominent location
  • Only six spots available
  • Image included
  • Sponsored Social Media ad about your coupon
  • Email newsletter inclusion with image, description and link
  • Dynamic redemption offers through SMS and Email

Basic Coupon

$ 25 Per Year
  • Located below featured coupons
  • Unlimited spots available
  • Benefits from general coupon page
    advertisements on Google and Social Media
  • Email newsletter inclusion by name only
  • Image not included

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Map page sponsor – sponsor an existing map

Price: $250 per three month commitment

  • Featured ‘stop’ – be a highlighted stop on an existing relevant map

Price: $150 per three commitment

  • Sponsored ad – have your business appear as a banner between the stops below the map

Price: $150 per three month commitment

  • Coupon ad – feature a coupon relating to one of the stops to encourage foot traffic

Price: $150 per three month commitment

Corporate Sponsors

Why Sponsor?

  • Support local small businesses
  • Give back to the local community
  • Support your employees
  • Encourage job applications
  • Business exposure
  • Partnership opportunities

What Can I Sponsor?

  • Ads for local businesses
  • Website features (blog posts, maps etc)
  • Email newsletter
  • Development & printing costs
  • Ads for encouraging tourism
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