5 Most Instagrammable Spots in New Philadelphia, Ohio

Photo of couple at New Philadelphia, Ohio courthouse

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We asked local photographer Teai Marie to share her favorite spots to capture the best pics in New Philadelphia. Read on for her recommendations!

Who doesn’t love a good selfie? Okay, maybe you’re rolling your eyes already. Set aside your pride, we’re trying to embody the gen-z phrase “Doin’ it for the ‘gram.” 

As a professional photographer, I’ve tested these spots with my own clients. I know they’re going to give you and your friends the coolest photo ops.

In this post, we’ll cover my 5 top spots in New Philadelphia to take the best photo, when the best lighting happens, and a few extra tricks and tips from a pro.

1. Murals - Mural Map

If you have not checked out the Mural Map (found here!), you’re missing out. You could complete this entire map and gather pictures in front of each mural. These are perfect opportunities for the coolest pictures. Grab a group of friends and all take pictures of each other. Have fun with it! 

Try out different perspectives. For example, the murals on Ashwood Lane are huge. You could step far away to take the picture and show the size of the mural. Or, the Starry Night mural on Alley Cats Marketplace gives you the perfect backdrop. Step in close and let only the mural into the frame.

2. Daily Grind Cafe

Coffee. THEN pictures–am I right? I’m not a coffee drinker, so I have no idea. Daily Grind Cafe is the quintessential downtown coffee shop. They have huge bright windows in the front of the cafe that lets in the best diffused light (the kind of light you want for pictures!). Grab a tea, a bite to eat, embrace the aesthetics, and take a photo to share on Instagram.

Posing tip: You’ll most likely be sitting down, so take advantage of the different ways to pose your hands and head. Look off into the distance with your hand gently resting on your cheek. Take a sip of your coffee with a big smile! Or, lean back in your chair, relax your shoulders down, cross one arm over the other while one is reaching for your drink and give the “too cool for school” look. (Just kidding, school is cool).

3. Courthouse Stairs

Our courthouse is so historical and the nature of the building just gives great energy. The real magic happens on the stairs. If you are looking for more traditional photos, look no further. Need a quick headshot or want to get your family all together for a picture, the courthouse steps are the best place! I love taking my branding and professional clients to the courthouse steps. The natural lighting and outdoor air leave clients with a much more natural headshot than traditional backdrop shots. 

Head to the stairs an hour before sunset, which in the photographer world is called, “Golden Hour.” Golden hour is the best time for pictures. It gives you the most magical lighting. Everyone looks good during golden hour lighting. The way the stairs are positioned, the light hits right on them giving good, even lighting for your pictures.

4. Downtown Alleys

Need something a little more edgy? The alleys are the perfect contrast to the green fields that surround the county. I love using the alleys to showcase outfits. The alleys provide leading lines– which are something to always look for! Leading lines make your images have dimension and draw your eyes to your subject.

Use alleys to stand out on your Instagram feed. The brick of downtown buildings gives your photos great contrast and an interesting look!

5. Tuscora Park

Last, but certainly not least, is Tuscora Park. It’s still walking distance from downtown New Philadelphia, only about a mile down the road. Stop to grab some Dairy Queen on your way!

Tuscora Park has many instagrammable photo ops. If you want to stay traditional, the new boardwalk overlooking the pond is a perfect spot to capture. Try different angles and poses like looking over the rail, feeding the ducks, or sitting up against the rail. 

Let’s get creative! You don’t have to just take pictures of your friends or self. Look around and capture things you find interesting like blooming flowers or the ferris wheel. Do a fun shoot on the tennis court using the court lines or net as interesting props.

The best part is that there is no one list to find the perfect instagrammable spot because you can make any spot instagrammable. Have fun with it! Don’t worry about likes or shares. Find something that sparks joy and share that with the world.

As always, be respectful of all these locations. Let’s keep New Philadelphia and our downtown looking beautiful. 

When you take pictures in any of these locations, please tag @newphilaguide and also me! @teaimariephotography. I would love to know if any of these tips and tricks were helpful. 

If you have more spots to add to the list, let us know! 

Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite location?

Guest Author

Teai Warner Head Shot

Teai Marie Photography

Teai (pronounced like Tia) is the face and owner of Teai Marie Photography. She specializes in Lifestyle Portraiture which is just a fancy way to say, she likes capturing families, couples, and individuals in their most natural element with beautiful natural lighting.

Teai is also a branding photographer. She works with small business owners, bloggers, creatives, and online storefronts to level up their marketing strategies by providing them with powerful images that can be used on their website, advertisements, and social media.

Are you ready for a tailored photoshoot that meets your individual needs? Get in touch with Teai Marie!

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