New Philadelphia Welcomes First Female Chief of Police

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A Historic Milestone in New Philadelphia as Tessa Pohovey Smashes Glass Ceiling to Become First Female Chief of Police!

In a momentous occasion that will be etched in the annals of New Philadelphia’s history, Tessa Pohovey has shattered barriers and emerged as the city’s first-ever female chief of police. The entire city is buzzing with excitement as this fearless trailblazer assumes her groundbreaking role, marking a new era of progress and inclusivity.

But that’s not all! The ceremony held at the illustrious city hall saw a magnificent lineup of individuals ascending the ranks of law enforcement. Amidst a palpable air of anticipation, Dave Morris, previously a sergeant, was promoted to the esteemed position of captain, while Wayne Clark, once a dedicated patrolman, now proudly dons the title of sergeant. The hall echoed with thunderous applause as these dedicated officers were sworn in, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to the city’s safety and security.

The star-studded event did not stop at human achievements alone; a furry hero stole the spotlight and melted hearts. Meet K9 officer Pablo, the newest addition to the esteemed police force. With a wagging tail and a nose for justice, Pablo was officially inducted into the department, ready to take a bite out of crime and bring joy to the community.

After the exhilarating ceremony, we had the opportunity to catch up with Chief Pohovey, who shared her thoughts on this groundbreaking opportunity. Sporting a radiant smile, the chief expressed her gratitude for the chance to serve and lead. She pondered the persistent underrepresentation of women in law enforcement, calling attention to the need for greater gender diversity in the field. Chief Pohovey’s passion for change is palpable, and her determination to inspire future generations of female officers is unwavering.

As the city basks in the glory of this historic moment, New Philadelphia eagerly awaits the remarkable transformations that will unfold under the visionary leadership of Chief Pohovey. With her at the helm, and alongside her dedicated colleagues, this dynamic team promises to safeguard the city, nurture trust in the community, and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future in law enforcement.

Stay tuned for more updates as we witness history in the making!

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